About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Status is a mobile platform that is dedicated to clearing the borders for landowners, developers, and investors in the land development agency

Our Story

Our journey began with custom made homes, small land assembly, land severance, and low rise projects in the Toronto and Richmond Hill area. Over the years, these projects have expanded throughout the GTA to encompass the process of acquisition, disposition, assembly, planning, and development, and include over 5 million sq ft of developed units.

Land related business is done traditionally and mostly depends on having a strong network of connections. When it comes to land development, the focus of technology is on the construction stage and less on the development stage. A lot of transactions happen off market, whether it be through word of mouth, through networks and connections, or traditional brokerage. Foreign investors also play a major role in the industry, in particular with land development. Research showed that despite this truth, investors have not had access to a centralized repository of information and resources to make an educated decision on the projects that they invest in.


For those who are eager to enter the world of land development, sourcing real estate with development potential is challenging. It requires the use of traditional brokerages to find the right resources and conduct independent due diligence to define the highest and best use of the acquired land. Subsequently, assembling a team of professionals can be a time consuming process. In addition, the real estate technology landscape has focused primarily on end users and residential properties.

With these limitations in mind, Status was created as a platform to address these gaps and challenges. Status has introduced an accessible and centralized hub for those who want to share their projects, look for investments, or collaborate with professionals. The need for such a service is imminent with an ever evolving industry.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create the first and only digital destination for landowners, developers, and investors to share, trade, and offer projects. With the current resources available, users have difficulty in identifying and vetting projects since the research and due diligence process is quite tedious. We want to aid users by creating a digital platform that will ease this process.